ENDIA Study Publications

All available findings from the ENDIA Study

The ENDIA Study is proud to be able to share the latest findings in our published papers.

We have also summarised some of these papers to be more accessible to families and other stakeholders.

None of these papers or results published would be possible without the samples and information provided by ENDIA Study participants. Sincere thanks to you all.

ENDIA Study Publications

Prof Jenny Couper with first mums enrolled at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide, SA
Prof Len Harrison from the WEHI lab, Melbourne VIC
Prof Maria Craig leads the NSW virome team
Prof Liz Davis leads the WA Team
Dr Aveni Haynes leads our CGM, epidemiology and toxicology studies in WA
A. Prof. John Wentworth, WEHI and Royal Melbourne Hospital
Senior Project Manager, Dr Megan Penno, University of Adelaide
Prof Peter Colman, clinical lead at the Royal Melbourne Hospital