Resources for ENDIA Kids

who go to school

We know that some of our ENDIA participants (nicknamed ENDIANs) are not so little any more!

Lots of ENDIA children have started school. Wow. We hope you love learning.

This page is meant just for you!

But first, thank you SO much for being part of the ENDIA Study. Every poo, wee, swab and blood sample you have provided, as well as every question you and your parents have answered brings us one step closer to answering our study question: “What causes type 1 diabetes?”

We think…

Things for ENDIA kids

  • "My ENDIA Study Visit Book"

    Visit books are here! Your special ENDIA friend has a book with your name on it. And guess, what? It's all about you! And it's all for you.

    You can draw in it, colour it in, and collect stickers with every poop, wee, blood or swab sample you give at every visit. Your ENDIA friend will keep the book at every visit so you don't accidentally lose it.

    Then, when you finish being in the study, we will give you your completed ENDIA visit book for you to take home as a record of everything you have done for the study. You are a research star!

  • Questions about ENDIA?

    We're giving every ENDIAN a study booklet around the time you start school. We hope this might answer some of your questions about the ENDIA Study.

    If you have a new question, you can ask your ENDIA coordinator friend, or email us at and we will try to answer it for you!

    Once you receive your book, colour it in! Read it at home with family and friends.

    If you have started school, but haven't got your ENDIA passport yet, don't worry! Get your mum or dad to ask an ENDIA coordinator to get one for you.

    Until you get your own, you can have a sneak peek here: ENDIA Passport. You can even print it out if you want.

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to your blood after you have a blood test with ENDIA? Come on a tour of the ENDIA lab with Nelly to find out what happens to my blood in the ENDIA Study?

  • Does the word poop make you laugh? Do you think poop jokes are funny? Well, to ENDIA, poop is no laughing matter! It's serious business! ENDIA needs your poop! It is one of the most important samples ENDIA collects! Why? Watch this video to find out.

Contact ENDIA

  • Do you have a question for the ENDIA Team?

    Would you like your photo to be on this webpage?

    We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at and we'll email you back!