Not even type 1 diabetes can stop a kid like Dani – Part 1.

February 2019

You may recall a recent Facebook post about a caring daughter, Dani, holding her Daddy’s hand during his blood test for the ENDIA Study? Dani’s Dad, Tim, has type 1 diabetes, and he was providing valuable information to help us piece together the genetic and environmental factors Well, we’re very sorry to say that, some time after her blood test, it was discovered that Dani was developing type 1 diabetes. Her family have been amazing with the news and her subsequent treatments. We have since caught up with Dani’s Grandma, Kathy, and her mum, Kelsey for a chat to see how everyone is doing.

In the first part of this story, we quote directly from Dani’s grandmother, Kathy, who wrote the following note to us after Dani’s diagnosis… “ENDIA – we are so very grateful that Dani & her Dad, Tim, were able to be a part of this study. Not only did it enable them to help the ongoing studies into T1 diabetes, but it gave us an early insight into Dani’s condition allowing for an earlier diagnosis, thus saving her little body being subjected to months of very unstable glucose levels which would have made her a very sick little poppet…”

Kathy kindly followed up her comment to provide some beautiful photos of Dani after her diagnosis. We’d like to share these and more of Kathy’s words with you:

“Firstly, I’m Dani’s very proud Grandma. When my daughter, Kelsey (Dani’s Mum) first mentioned about the study & how she was going to involve Dani, I thought it was fantastic; firstly that Dani’s Dad, Tim, and Dani could help to put a little something back and help the T1 community, & secondly that if Dani was going to develop antibodies then we would know as soon as was humanly possible & therefore give her the very best care we could. Both outcomes achieved.

When we first learned about her antibodies, devastated didn’t even begin to cover how I felt, knowing, as a Mum and a Grandma that there wasn’t a thing I could do but be there & pray to the Universe. Dani’s diagnosis came at 29 months and 10 days old; it still breaks my heart for her but I can very proudly say she has the best Mum in the world to take care of her & a family around her that will walk beside her and carry her if she needs it to make certain she grows strong, healthy & with the resilience she’ll need to get her through.

If my small part of Dani’s journey is for you to use a few of my words to help families understand that ‘knowledge is indeed power’ and that to have that knowledge will help lessen the impact this disease has on your little one, then by all means. We are so very grateful that we knew in advance and had time to prepare ourselves. Even though her diagnosis came far too soon, we were at least aware and able to support her as best we could through her transition.

Thank you for reaching out and my very best wishes to you for positive outcomes from the study #prayingforacure. Kathy.”