Evan Parker and family are participating from Adelaide

Evan Parker is one of many members of his extended family that live with type 1 diabetes. He’s had type 1 diabetes for 30 years. His wife Andrea, and two sons, have been participating in the ENDIA Study since before both boys were born.

The family are contributing to finding the triggers of type 1 diabetes in hope that one day this disease might be prevented.

Evan has been one of our star ENDIA advocates.  He is a senior sales representative (Diabetes Care specialist) for Novo Nordisk. His role involves discussing insulin and diabetes with GPs, Diabetes Educators and specialists across SA, Riverland and the Iron Triangle. Whilst “doing the rounds” he often promotes the ENDIA Study to health professionals. Evan and his family even appeared on our promotional video!

Big thanks to Evan and his family for their advocacy for, and participation in, the ENDIA Study.