The ENDIA Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of clinicians and researchers who make all the key decisions about how the ENDIA Study is conducted and managed.

Research Coordinators

The Research Coordinators are a dedicated group of experienced and skilled Registered Nurses, Midwives, and Phlebotomists (people specially trained to take blood). ENDIA participants would have regular follow-ups with one of these coordinators to see how baby is developing as part of the study.

Back Row (left to right): Alison Gwiazdzinski (Adelaide, SA), Meredith Krieg (Adelaide, SA), Debra Bezuidenhout (Sydney, NSW), Kelly Spooner (Sydney, NSW), Tracey Baskerville (Brisbane, QLD), Magenta Musgrove (Geelong, VIC),  Megan Poth (Melbourne, VIC), Azita Keytash (Melbourne, VIC), Sheryl Curran (Melbourne, VIC), Dani Edwards (position now held by Sarah Beresford, Adelaide SA), Emma Brownrigg (Brisbane, QLD)

– Front Row (left to right): Benjamin Ramoso (Adelaide, SA), Julianne Wilson (Brisbane, QLD), Bernadette Rice (Sydney, NSW), Kelly McGorm (Adelaide, SA), Alexandra Tully (Perth, WA), Alison Roberts (Perth, WA), Candice Hall (Melbourne, VIC).

– Missing from photo: Jacki Catteau (Newcastle, NSW), Samantha Tan (Melbourne, VIC).

ENDIA Technical and Support Staff

South Australia

Dr Chris Hope
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Adelaide

Dr Tim Sadlon
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Adelaide

Ms Dao Huynh
Research Officer
University of Adelaide

Ms Leanne Hornibrook
Senior Administration Support Officer
University of Adelaide

Western Australia

Mr Quang Nguyen
Research Assistant
Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research

New South Wales

Dr Ki Wook Kim
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of New South Wales

Ms Emily Gibson
Research Officer
University of New South Wales


Ms Kelly Watson and Ms Cecilia Hsieh
Royal Melbourne Hospital

Mr William Hu
University of Melbourne

Dr Esther Bandala-Sanchez, Dr Naiara Bediaga, Dr Alexandra Schulze
Postdoctoral Fellows
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Mr Dexing Huang
Research Officer
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Ms Alana Neale, Ms Jocelyn Penington, Ms Katrina Ngui and Ms Natalie Stone
Research Assistants
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute


Mr Ryan Galea
Research Officer
University of Queensland


ENDIA’s Dietitians, Rachel and Sarah, are based in Adelaide at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. They are responsible for collecting and interpreting all the food and nutrition information from the infant feeding diaries and diet recalls. Participants of ENDIA will occasionally receive phone calls from our dietitians to chat about baby’s food and fluids over the most recent 24 hour period at the time of the call.


Consumer Representative – Bill Nash

Bill Nash is a father of two children. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before he turned 5 years of age. Without giving his age away, that’s over 35 years ago!

He is a fire sprinkler system design/draftsman. Outside of work, Bill’s interests include cycling, swimming, fishing and car restoration.

He decided to help with the ENDIA Study to give something back to the people who are putting time and effort into Type 1 Research.

“It would also be great to know that I had some small input into possibly finding out some valuable information that one day could assist in preventing people developing Type 1.”

Consumer representative – Helen Edwards

Helen is a diabetes blogger, advocate, speaker and consultant, with a background in social work and diabetes education. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the late 70s at the age of 12.

Helen founded “Diabetes Can’t Stop Me” in 2001, (then called Diabetes Counselling Online); an online counselling service and national charity. She wrote and published a children’s picture book “Diabetes Can’t Stop Me”, as well as a number of e-books. Helen is also the owner of a popular sustainable living blog and online sustainable home wares store.

Helen has joined the ENDIA team as she has a particular interest in type 1 diabetes and the pregnancy journey; this is the focus of her PhD. Helen is the proud mum of 3 boys aged 23, 18 and 8 years. Her older boys were involved in a previous type 1 cohort study run by Prof Couper.

She lives with a variety of health conditions that stem from living with type 1 for many years and has the insight into the ways that diabetes can affect a person’s life. As well, she has understanding about the things that make for a happy life, despite diabetes. You can follow her blog “Diabetes Can’t Stop Me” or join the Facebook group of the same name.