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Data and sample access requests

  • The ENDIA Study has developed a repository of biospecimens and data that may be used as a resource for further expansion of the studies goals and for contributing to our understanding of disease processes. The Study has a responsibility to ensure that the use of samples/data is ethical, purposeful and consistent with the goals of the ENDIA Study.
  • Any individual, collaborative group or institution may submit a request for sample/data access in accordance with the mechanism defined in the ENDIA Governance Policy using the ENDIA Sample/Data Access Concept (ESDAC) Form
  • In making samples/data available to external collaborators, the ENDIA Study Team is bound by its obligations to Study participants, Human Research Ethics Committees, funding bodies, institutions, government agencies and key stakeholders.
  • Individuals, collaborative groups and/or institutions accessing samples/data from the ENDIA Study will be bound by the ENDIA Study Publications Policy and will be required to submit publications generated using ENDIA Study materials to the ENDIA Publications Committee.
  • For further information contact the ENDIA Project Management Team at


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